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The Exception

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In life, there's an "exception" and there's the "rule". An exception in life is an anomaly. It's not intended to happen and it is often rare. The rule however is not only what often happens but what is supposed to happen based on the laws of probability. 

This theory, that I learned somewhere or possibly made up, applies to dating. 

I've found that when it comes to dating, women love to look at themselves as the exception. You may see this especially when they're dating a low quality man. They think they can change him. They think he's going to change for them. They sincerely believe that all the other women he's managed to hurt in the past were the rule. They somehow will be his exception. This blog is about how dangerous that line of thinking can be. No matter how amazing you think you are, you will never be enough for a man who's not ready. 
Allow me to elaborate. 

We all want to believe we're special. We're unique. Probability and Odds don't apply to us. We're a rare breed. And you know what? Kodos to you for thinking that way. I admire your confidence because we all are unique in our very own ways. However,  sometimes in a relationships it isn't about YOU. It's about the other person and the way they think and feel. 

Often you will find that a mans actions are not always dictated by what you did and didn't do. And I want you to let that sink in  because as much as you want to believe you're his exception, you also have to accept the strong possibility that you are the rule. That him lying to his last girlfriend produces a strong possibility that he will lie to you. That him trying to control everything in his own life produces a fair possibility that he will try to control yours. 

Now if you're able to accept the laws of probability, if you're willing to accept that you are possibly the rule, you will be able to observe things for what they are and not make excuses for your significant other. Like "he only lied, to protect me." 
Really sweety? When did you start needing protection? I thought you were this rare strong being? 

Love yourself enough to know when your situation is identifying itself to be the rule. 
We can't all be the exception but we can all strive to be a virtuous rule. 

Trust Me.... You Know I Can't Lie

Xoxo Mandizzy 

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