Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

There's Forgiveness. And Then There's Stupidity.

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Second chances are beautiful. Third chances can be fleeting. Fourth chance? Now you're just asking for the abuse. 

Allow me to elaborate. 

In the past I've discussed the beauty of second chances and the peace that comes with forgiveness. I gave you a handy way to figure out if offering someone who hurt you a second chance is worth it. It's hard... You know... leaving the love of your life. But honey some things are unforgivable. If you don't decide for yourself right now what is and isn't, the people you date will continue to walk all over you. 

I've witnessed women who forgave men for the most awful of offenses. I myself in my early days lead a very forgiving and understanding life. But at some point it becomes important to decide your worth. To develop the confidence to believe that not only do you deserve better but that better is out there waiting on you. 

You have to learn that standing up for yourself and choosing you is not selfish. It is not even daring. It's what should matter the most to you. 

I use to wonder how women allow themselves to settle for men with checkered past or men who have hurt them in unforgivable ways. And eventually it became clear to me as I got older that these types of women suffer from low self esteem. It's not that they don't know there's better out there; it's that they don't believe they deserve what's potentially out there. 

Now I can't fix someone's confidence with a blog post but I can say this...
Love shouldn't cause you to loose your friends. To withdraw from all the things you enjoyed doing. To fight with your family. Love should not hurt more than it heals. At least, not the kind of love that any decent human being deserves. 

And to that girl who's self esteem I couldn't possible fix in one blog post, I hope one day you wake up and realize your worth. But today I just need you to Trust Me... because you knew I Couldn't Lie. 

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