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The Perfect Relationship

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Don't you love the honeymoon period? We all love the honeymoon period. Similar to the thrill and happiness of just getting married, most honeymoon periods occur at the very beginning of your relationship.

You know the period where you and your significant other are still in your bubble. I call it "the bubble of compete and utter happiness". You see in this bubble, you guys aren't fighting and there's little to no drama. You're still getting to know each other and the more you know the happier you both seem to get. It's bliss. 

We all adore that period at the start of a new relationship. Some honeymoon periods are longer than others. I'm not quite entirely sure if that's a good thing either and I'll tell you why. 
Are you holding back some of who you really are because you're afraid to lose that person? Thus extending the illusion of a happy relationship. Extending your honeymoon period. 

Eventually time will reveal the true you. And should they not like who truly are, you've just waisted their time and yours. The most important thing you can do in any romantic relationship is be yourself. You should want someone that's going to love you for you. All your crazy quirks and issues included. 

Now I'm not saying spring on the crazy all at once. Ease them into it of course but trust that the right person for you will  not see it as a deal breaker. They will be cool with it or learn to accept it because they're just that into you. 

Sweetie no relationship is perfect. And you want to know why that's true... Because no human on this earth is perfect. We all fall short in some way or manner every single day. 

So I want you to be happy and stay in that bubble as long as you can! But don't hold back too much. Be brave. Trust that what is for you will ultimately be. And don't forget to also Trust Me... because you knew I Couldn't Lie. 

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