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Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

Football Fantasies

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So I recently got into dating again. I go through phases where I actively give a shit about meeting a great guy or I want to buy a puppy as my lifetime companion. Thankfully for this blog post, I was enjoying a period of putting myself out there again. I met a nice guy who had a few negatives. It actually should have been considered a situation where the negatives outweighed the positives but I was so hung up on the positives I glossed over those negatives. And they weren't necessarily negatives for everybody... for example he had a teenage daughter, I'm barely able to handle five year olds much less have to get a long with a teenager. I'm sure there's women who would rise to that challenge. I'm not one of them. 

He also was a New York transplant which means that he grew up and lived in another city for the majority of his life. He has no idea how New Yorkers operate. He can't fully appreciate the many wonders of my city. And we clashed on everything as a result. Especially sports!! I clearly ignored  all  the negatives (there's more) because he was tall and he played college football. If you truly know me, you know how much I love American football. It's actually scary to be honest. I can see myself ending up with someone who's butt ugly but because he's a former Cincinnati Bengal, I'm riding for him. 😂😩🙄

Well I woke up and realized what I was doing. I knew better! I know that it ultimately would not have worked out. I was waisting my time. However, all was not lost by this brief experience and that's why I'm writing this blog to you. 

Dating is a learning experience. Every individual you give the time of day to can teach you something and sometimes they're sent to remind you of what you already know. 

So it's okay that I temporarily settled for less... This was good for me as I realized that as much as I preach to you all about standing up for yourself, I myself got caught up. We all get caught up sometimes. But the next time you do, learn from it. Examine exactly why you were able to give up a little of your self worth. For me... it's because I have this unrealistic idea that I'd be happy with a football player because of my love for the game. But football is only one part of a person. That doesn't automatically make them good people. In fact, a few players are wife beaters. So I've decided to continue dating with more realistic expectations. 

I think it'll work out just fine for me and I know it will work out for you to my pumpkins! And when it does, don't forget to thank me, because you knew I Couldn't Lie. 

Xoxo Mandizzy

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