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Temporary Insanity

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Do you ever feel like dating can leave you acting irrational or neurotic? You find your self doing things that the normal you wouldn't dare think about doing twice? Do you find yourself thinking up schemes? Or playing games? 

Well I'm here to tell you that we've all been there. Dating gets complicated. The most simplest of relationships can get confusing or very complex quickly. And Sometimes when you like someone you find yourself acting out of character. 

This isn't necessarily unhealthy, some schemes can actually turn out in your favor. However schemes and games are  also dangerous. Most men are not here for them ladies. And most mature women wont have time for them fellas. I myself have to check myself when these thoughts enter my head. And since I'm bonified at this point in my life, I find myself constantly reviewing my level of crazy. 

I believe that the fact that I check myself, is actually a true sign that I'm mature and ready for the real deal. I've accepted who I am and learned that I can still shine in any relationship if I always remember to keep myself in check. 

We all go through bouts of temporary insanity. Sometimes our significant others drive us there! But we are rational free thinking human beings and thus able to reel ourselves back in. 

So do just that. Remind yourself that not everyone finds crazy funny or amusing. Balance people! That's how we make this life work. 

So always be aware of your actions and don't let your mind take you too far. Be conscious of others and remember to keep the crazy in check. Also and most importantly, remember to Trust Me... because you know I Can't Lie. 

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