Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

Trust Issues

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Women rarely ask their man a question they don't already know the answer to. It's so important to know this because that's how most men get caught in a lie. And contrary to popular belief it's not that we woke up that morning trying to create  conflict. It's not that we thrive on drama. Nor is it because we felt the relationship got boring. 

Now I'm not one for making bold promises so know that I'm not saying if you tell the truth she'll stay with you or automatically forgive you for whatever you did; I'm just saying that lying will not help your case. I'm saying that lying will make a small infraction ten times worse. I'll tell you what goes through her mind. 

"If he can lie to me about this? What else has he been dishonest about?" 
"How do I know he won't try and get one over on me again?"

That's what creates an even bigger problem. The dishonesty causes trust issues and trust issues can lead to the unraveling of what was once very tightly woven. Often times lying begets more lying. And women know this. They will not let you forget this either. You will be questioned, doubted and dismissed even when you're telling her the truth. All because you couldn't keep it hundred that one critical time. And you should already know that without trust, it's hard to maintain any healthy relationship. I'm not saying it's doomed. I'm not saying she can't find a way to forgive and forget. I'm saying you've now rolled the dice on this relationship actually working out. 

So to the guys that actually care about their women, is your relationship worth playing with the odds?

There's a tale about a little boy who told one small lie and then had to tell another lie to cover that small lie. Eventually that boy ended up confusing what was the actual truth and getting himself caught in the lie. The truth has a funny way of revealing itself. And often times she's left with the last laugh. So Trust Me... honesty often really is the best policy and you know I Can't Lie. 

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