Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

There is nothing wrong in wanting more.

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In some situations wanting more of something can be seen as being greedy. I'm hear to say that wanting more isn't always a crime. I find this especially when it comes to relationships. 

Yesterday I was accused of being a serial dater because I've had several suitors but I haven't been in a committed relationship for a few years now. The person who accused me wasn't someone I was close with so they had no real idea what was going on in my dating life but it got me thinking. Am I actually a serial dater? I mean as recent as this year I've had the talk with a guy but we both made it seem as if we were just waiting for something better to come along. And that can be so dangerous. To date just to date. Or to date so that you're not alone. Or to date and string someone along. 

To be honest, I hoped that the situation we shared would turn into something more serious but I never told him that. I kind of let it be the elephant in the small tiny room of our relationship. So am I a serial dater?? Do I just date for companionship. Am I avoiding a serious relationship?

I don't think so!
In fact, I feel more than ready for the "settle down". So what's going on with me? Why do I come off as this "serial dater".  I think it has everything to do with my standards. Like at this crucial point in my adult life, I know what I want. I know what I like. I know what I'm willing to put up with and what I am not. So if I date you for several months and I learn more and more about you, at some point I will have a pretty good idea whether you're worthy of "settle down" or worthy of the lets enjoy each other's company until we've had enough. 

I'm not stuck up. I'm not picky. I'm not overlooking what's right in front of me. Which is what I've been often told. 
I just know what I want. And usually I'm queen of the compromise. I will date a guy even though he has a trait I really can't stand. Like I have a formula, patent pending, that weighs a guy's negatives versus not his positives but the things you like about him. And there is a difference between someone's positive attributes and what you actual like about them. 

I'm certain that my serial dating is nothing more than me weeding out the bad plants. Eventually I'll meet my very own sunflower. I just have to patient. And I won't settle a long the way. If I want more, I'm going to demand more. And you should to. Your perfect person for you is out there. Just be patient and stay true to you. And don't forget to Thank Me when Mr. Perfect for you comes along because you know you could Trust Me Because I Can't Lie. 

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