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Stop Looking For Love

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"The thirst is real" 

Women are ready for the real deal and are damn near offering up themselves on an auction block to get it. 
Guys may or may not know it, but they definitely have the upper hand right now. 

But I'm here to tell you ladies to relax! And to stop looking for love. Let it find you.

Because what you need may not be what you are looking for. And what you aren't looking for may be all you need. 
And this simply means that often we may truly think  we know what we want in a partner but how many times have you found yourself wanting something that you didn't need or wasn't good for you. Often as humans we desire things that may not always be good for us, like me loving cheeseburgers from Sonic when I really need a salad from Panera. (Don't judge me!) 

We have to come to a point in our lives where we let go of what we think we want and allow ourselves to be introduced to what we really need. And that for me is how love should work. It shouldn't be like the game of tag where you are it and you find yourself chasing the feeling. 

Love is not a science. It can't be proven, disputed and you can't predict any variables that may mess up your experiment.  So why try and treat it as such? Why make it more complicated than it already is...

I've witnessed women that wrote list of what they wanted in a partner. 
And their lists were often fantasy like and near impossible to expect. 

But Mandizzy, Is it really wrong that I have standards? 
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with creating standards for yourself, in fact, I encourage you to have some. But don't let these standards dictate your life, rather, you should use them as a guide. 

The more you look for love the less likely you'll be able to notice a good thing when it stumbles across you. You're so focused on what you think you need that the right person for you can't get a chance. 

Life should be about taking initiative and going after what you want, but in the process you should be open to suggestions and unexpected twists and turns. And if you're patient, when you least expect it, love will find you. When it does, I hope it's everything you really needed and not just what you thought you needed. 

But when this happens for you don't forget to thank me because you Trusted Me... 
You knew I couldn't lie.

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