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When He Is Use To Seeing You Cry

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How does it feel to stop crying?

The most simple question I've probably ever heard but one of the most difficult questions I've had to answer.

One of my fantabulous readers explained to me that I should write more  about my own personal experiences in love to "really suck in my audience".

Well nosy reader, this blog is for you!

My uber super supportive friend asked me how did it feel to stop crying after I cut off and emotionally let go an ex boyfriend. And I remember not being able to put into actual words at the time to how I felt.

But I can definitely say now, the number one feeling I've had is PEACE. It is so important to have and maintain peace in ones life. The stress from a bad relationship can truly affect your life.
It can affect your appetite, your performance at work and often your overall mood. I've even witnessed it change someone's personality completely.
That is why for me, leaving your bad situation should be all about bringing peace back into your life. The constant fighting, the crying and the stress could never be worth it in the end.

I endured a horrible situation in hopes that the person would change which is often not the smartest thing to do. Change may come but often it doesn't and we all have to know when it really is the time to end it and to take back our PEACE.

It got to the point in the relationship where my tears no longer affected him. I remember when we first started dating, we would get into a fight as couples do, and if I cried, he would comfort me and show genuine remorse. Once I noticed that he stopped comforting me when I cried, I knew it was over. And it was time for me to collect my closure and move on.

The fact that he no longer comforted me didn't necessarily mean he didn't care, it just meant that he had gotten use to me being upset and in pain. He had adapted to the situation like many humans naturally do. And the fact that our situation had become so habitual as to him getting use to it meant that the relationship really had run its course.

In life, we often run around a track several times, trying to beat our previous record. But eventually, we should accept that despite our best efforts, we won't be able to out do our past score.
Instead, we should celebrate what were able to accomplish in the past and move on with the memories.

Move on and Let go!
I know that's easier said than done, Trust Me when I say that it's easier said than done but also trust me when I say... It Can Be Done.

Don't let your relationship become a never ending habit, trying to continuously race around the track hoping to improve your situation. Sometimes in life it's okay to let go and to just cherish what used to be.

Celebrate that record. Celebrate your score.

Trust Me.. You will thank me for the new found peace in your life and you'll quickly realize that I really Can't Lie.

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