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What Do Men Need to Work On

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"What is the one thing you would ask a man to work on, no matter the stage in the relationship, because I always felt like when you're getting to know each other, you should do just that, and not expect him to be perfect, but I'm really curious to know, if anything, what would you ask a man to work on at any stage in the relationship?"

Well my fantabulous reader, this may be my favorite question asked yet!

The one thing I would ask any guy no matter the stage in the relationship to work on is CONSISTENCY. And I really feel that a lot of my female readers can relate. By consistency, I simply mean to remain the person I met and not to change your entire personality practically overnight.

There are few things more daunting, annoying and downright unattractive than a man that changes his MO in a relationship.

How many ladies have dealt with this awesome guy who treats you like the queen you are, is attentive, generous and affectionate, only to meet his evil twin a few months later. And that's if you're lucky, I've had the evil twin show up within a few weeks.

By evil twin, I'm referring to the side of him he was careful not to expose you to when you first met. The not so attentive side, the verbally abusive side or the deceitful side.

I would love for a man to show me who he really was from the's only fair! And if he does show me who he is and I then chose to stay with him, then the blame would partially be on me if he broke my heart.

Flipping the script as you begin to care and care a lot less is what a lot of you men do.

I honestly would just ask any guy I date whether in a serious I wanna marry you situation or in a I'm just having a good time situation to keep it consistent. If you were a gentlemen with the funniest jokes when I met you and fell for you, do not turn into an asshole who's sole mission is to make me cry later on after things get real.

The games men seem to play require this false advertisement and I'm here to tell you that we as women don't want what you're trying to sell. So lets keep it all authentic from the beginning. If you're a natural born asshole, be that person up front! Some woman are into that... Ask Stevie J's women.

Hope I was able to answer your question fantabulous reader. And please remember to Trust Me... Because I Can't Lie.

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