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Nice Guys Finish Last

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I'm so tired of hearing that nice guys finish last.
Nice guys get real women who aren't superficial, materialistic, and spoiled. They get the woman who loves them for who they are and not what they have or can give.
They are fortunate to end up with who they're truly meant to be with and not a woman who doesn't appreciate just how "nice" of a person they are.

In simpler terms... Be happy that she didn't want you. Be happy that she left you. Because she wasn't meant for you. I would even encourage you to be happy that she played you because she taught you something you needed to learn.

I think my blog "Sometimes a Good Man is Not Enough" got misinterpreted by one of my readers.

Most of us have standards when it comes to who we date. We know what we're looking for and what kind of person we want to be with. What we don't always know is what we are willing to compromise on.

He snores. I'm a light sleeper.
She shops too much. I'm frugal.
He parties too much. I like to stay in.

Often it's not until we're in a relationship with someone before we figure out exactly what we can tolerate. So although you could be the nicest most positive person, you might have that one flaw that someone cannot compromise on.

And I'm here to say that's okay!
Will you be sad that it didn't work out? Maybe
But with billions of people on the planet, I've got high hopes that you will meet that right person for you. And they will love you flaws and all.

Just be patient and look at your bright side because I believe that nice guys do get happy endings... And it shouldn't be about what position you finish the race but more about who's at the finish line cheering you on. Trust Me... I Can't Lie.

Xo Mandizzy

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