Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

"Mr. Say the Right Thing"

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I'm all to familiar with Mr. Say the Right Thing. He's smooth, quick on his feet and NO matter how obvious the negative, he will make sure all you remember is the positive. He won't by any means be perfect but he will damn sure be close to it. He's funny, he's charming and he always remembers your birthday! He's Mr. Say the Right thing and I'm sure your diggin him.

And that's more than fine. He may definitely be a keeper. But I wouldn't want you to forget a few important things while you're dating him.

•He is still Human. And as a human he is liable to mess up.
Case and Point
He remembered your birthday but forgot your allergies to peanuts. On your birthday he feeds you a peanut butter cupcake. Of course you have a severe reaction and end up in the emergency room on your birthday. You want to kill him! Let alone dump him but why?! A situation like that, as traumatic and difficult as it was, was an honest mistake. His intentions were obviously in the right place, but because he's been so "amazing" thus far, at the first sign of disaster, you're ready to bail because "you knew it was too good to be true"
Well I'm here to say relax, he's human and entitled to mess up.

So I don't want you to be too judgmental but I don't want you to not question him at all either!

•He is not guiltless. Some things just are his fault.
Case and Point
He's a father and claims that the child's mother trapped him. Although he brags about being their for his child in spite his trifling babymother, don't fall into his con. You see Mr. Say the Right Thing wants you to see him as the hero. Instead you must remember that as a father he is supposed to be there. It's not an option, the fact that he had to point it out to you implies that he thinks it is. And as much as he would like you to believe that he was responsible and safe when it came to sex, he knew what kind of women he was sleeping with and if he didn't, he shouldn't have slept with her... so some things are just his fault!

But maybe your Mr. Say the Right Thing is really that close to perfect!

•Don't feel like you're not enough!!
He's fabulous, possibly out of your league...(not!!) But only in your mind! He's honestly just a person. No need to place him on a pedestal and lower yourself to the basement. You obviously got a great thing going for you because you caught Mr. Wonderfuls attention. Don't lose that confidence girl, you work it like he's got to earn it!

He's Mr. Say the Right Thing and he's not necessarily perfect but you better make sure he's worth it.

And while you do that remember to Trust Me... Because Sweetie I Can't Lie!
XoXo. Mandizzy.❤

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