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Save the Pet Names for Your WOMEN

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I recently came across an interesting topic between me and a friend off mines regarding any name of an affectionate nature, commonly referred to as “Pet Names”.

Should an individual who is in a committed relationship call anyone other than the partner a pet name?

Now for those of you who are unsure or completely unaware of what exactly pet names are, let me provide some common and not so common examples.

Captain Crunch
Monkey Buns

Just to name a few... Monkey Buns is a personal favorite =)

I believe that if you’re not in a committed relationship, you may use these affectionate names however and to whomever you choose. That is your choice and prerogative as a single uncommitted human being. So go ahead free spirit... pet name away!
But once you make the decision to commit to an individual and or establish some sort of exclusivity, certain lines must be drawn.

For me, it’s completely about respect for your partner. It can be very uncomfortable hearing your partner call someone else “”booskie” or “sugarplum”. I can’t imagine having to hear my significant other calling another woman baby. Names of such an affectionate nature should remain between the two committed individuals.

Now my friend made an argument that if you had these pet names for these “friends” before you entered into a committed relationship, why should you suddenly “up and change on them [your “friend”]” just to make your significant other happy.

I don’t believe restricting pet names to just your significant other is about making your partner happy but rather respecting that line that you were supposed to draw when you became committed. This line I refer to is the one that many like to refer to as faithfulness. It is such a thin line for some and a huge line for others. But you draw this line nonetheless when you commit to a person exclusively. And well when you cross the line, you know what you enter into... Infidelity.  Not following me....
Take this for example.

A man constantly calls another woman who is not his girlfriend, “baby”. One day this girl who is not girlfriend,up and decides that he must like her since he refers to her as his baby. Now... can you blame her? I wouldn’t! Baby is an affectionate title that people often use to refer to someone they like. Correct?!

Her confusion can lead to trouble... unnecessary trouble, that could of been avoided if he just respected the line. Why call her baby?... Her mother provided her with a name at birth, so use it!

It’s a simple suggestion I’ve made. Keep the Pet Names for your significant other.
Respect the line you drew or else...

Because Trust ME... I Can’t Lie, you may find yourself in an extra sticky situation.

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  1. Folks say "whats in a name?" and its true, pet names hold a bit of clout but c'mon son, we gotta stop being naive. If your over 21 and you still think a man is head over heals for you because he calls you "baby", u deserve a swift kick in the ass. its about actions, not words. He's callin you baby but he's never or hardly ever takes you out anywhere, talks to you about anything more than sex half of the time, he doesnt answer your calls between the hours of 10pm and 9am (and you know his ass is up) ... i mean i can go on and on about this but sistas gotta take a bit of this blame as well. Your crying , ur mad, and ur about to vandalize dudes car talkin about "I thought he loved me, he called me his baby/babe/sugarlumpladyhumps" ... get it together man, lol