Trust Me... I Can't Lie

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A Brave Man is Hard to Find

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Let's be honest for a moment. Men don't always like discussing their feelings and when they do, they have a difficult time explaining it.

Some men are cowards and choose to run away from a situation instead facing it head on. They can't take the heat so they run out of the kitchen. 
But ladies, you don't want a man that runs when the going gets tough. You want someone who knows what it means to go ten rounds in the ring if it's necessary to find a solution.
You deserve a man with the audacity to be honest.
You need a man that offers you an explanation that doesn't consist of several excuses.

That's the kind of man a woman is entitled to after she's given her all, done her best to please him, and put up with all his flaws.

She deserves a BRAVE man that will own up to his short comings. He will be honest about where he went wrong. He won't leave her hanging because it convenient to him. A brave man won't let pride be his detriment.

There are so few "brave" men among us. And that's why I've concluded that this type of man is a rare commodity. He is hard to find. 

But if and when you meet him, I need you to cherish him. Respect him for his honesty. Appreciate that even when he messes up, he holds himself accountable. He may not be perfect but at least he owns his imperfections. He's only human. A work in progress. 

To all my beautiful readers who have found their brave man, you've got one rare item on your hands. Treat him as such.

And to all my fantabulous readers who's still hoping to meet your brave man, keep being patient. Patience is a difficult practice to employ but one that  often proves to be worth it.

Trust Me... You know I Can't Lie.
Xoxo Mandizzy

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