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The Right Second Chance

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I'm a firm believer in second chances. Hell I've given individuals countless chances. And this is simply because human beings are not perfect. They were not made perfect and I therefore won't expect anyone to be perfect. There's room for error, room to make a mistake but most of all... There's room for forgiveness.

And forgiveness can build the strongest most resilient people.

There's often a misconception that only a weak woman allows a man to constantly "play her" or "lie to her". I think it's often quite the opposite. It takes a strong determined woman to continuously forgive and believe that change is going to come.

Now does her perceived weakness and unrecognized strength render her innocent of blame? Not at all. If you stay in a situation that's clearly unhealthy or you settle for less than what you know you deserve, you have to be willing to accept some of the blame when it's all said and done.

Life's not black and white. And love and relationships often dabble all over the gray areas. So while in one respect, I find strength in a persons ability to forgive, I can also clearly see the problems that can form should one give out the wrong second chances.

Not every one and not every situation requires a second chance.

So how does one make the right second chance.
The right second chance usually is made based on ones experience.
Experience trains you to know what situation warrants a second chance, and what situation demands that you burn that bridge.

I can't offer a step by step technique to determine when you should offer someone a second chance, but I can offer one truth that will help in making that decision.

*History Often Repeats Itself*

And what that means for you is that the chances that the wrong doing will happen again, is higher than the chances that it won't. So if the offense is so severe that you could not withstand it happening to you once again... It may be in your best interest to forgive but not to offer that second chance.

Second chances can be beautiful... And in that respect, don't be too quick to burn a bridge unless you've sincerely considered all the facts. And I applaud that individual who finds the strength to forgive and move on.

You know you'll be glad you took what I had to say on this into consideration because you Trust Me... and know I Cannot Lie.

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