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Too Busy to Love You

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Nothing annoys me more than someone I'm dating who cannot find time for me.
The truth of the matter is, you make time for not only who you want but who you genuinely care about. I say genuinely because a lot of people will say they care about you with words but with their actions show you quite the opposite.

I live in one of the busiest cities in the world, where the pace of life is constant and the flow of ones day can be pulled in a multitude of directions.
And as a result I enter any relationship or courtship with the full understanding that shit happens.
Life will not always revolve around me and my feelings and therefore I shouldn't take it personal if the guy I'm dating cancels a date or has to reschedule our plans.

And as accommodating as I've always found myself to be... Some have taken my understanding resolve as a weakness.
That's when I become annoyed.

Don't cancel with me the day of to hang out with the roommate you see damn near every day.
Don't ask me to meet you later than originally agreed upon because you want to finish online shopping for toe nail clippers. (Slight exaggeration)

Just don't... because as busy as your life is and as demanding as you think your time is, mine is just as busy and demanding. When I make the time, I expect the same. Making the time is one of thee most important parts to any relationship you want to see work.

So if you're too busy to love?
And ladies and gents don't be so afraid to say and do the same.
Like I said... People will ALWAYS make time for who they truly care about. And those who are in love with that person understands that their love requires it.

If you're truly that busy... You should pause on getting involved until you truly have the time. Or else you're just wasting mine.

Trust me... You know I Can't Lie.

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  1. Mandizzy! You're my damn soulmate!!! This entry is my everything!! I'm going through this exact situation right now. And as far as the "shit happens" notion, I'm just as understanding. Ugh! It seems like I'll never get it right.

  2. I'm having a "men are turds week" please tell me this is just extra-long PMS???! Ugh...I finally meet someone and he promises to make time for me. And then...absolutely NOTHING!

  3. Tell it, preach it, own it Sista! I finally meet someone I like then find out he's just luring single women in for mom try-outs to try & shoplift some booty! Wth...I get promised he will make time for me and then...DRUMROLL please!!! Wait for it, wait for it - absolutely nothing. WOW. I had to say buh-bye. I'm just too old for this sh*t.