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Happy Endings

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You ever look back at your life and just mellow out in awe at how far you've come. That's me all the time. I didn't necessarily come from poor destitute sad beginnings... But I must say for 25 years of age, I've gone through my share of life changing problems.

One most memorable was the break up I went through with my first love.

Your first love is usually who you've chosen to be your "happy ending". Your last first kiss. Your big fairytale story book. And a lot is usually riding on the relationship. You've most likely invested an enormous amount of time and emotion; more than you actually care  to share and you are fighting to make it work.

As you should...
Love is the one thing in life worth fighting tooth and nail for.

But like I've always preached in the past... Love sometimes is not enough.

Sometimes your self respect is more important.
Sometimes having peace back in your life is more important.
Sometimes you deserve more than what "love" has to offer.

And that's what can lead to your happy ending crumbling or disappearing from your sights. What was once your fairytale story can quickly turn into a disappointing memoir.
But you know what I've been able to discover... That its okay that you didn't get your fairytale happy ending.
Breaking up is hard to do, but often it is necessary.

I believe in happy endings. Not the storybook fairytale perfect endings, but the look how far we've come endings.

The we can be happy a part endings.
The I've met a new love endings.
The LIFE GOES ON endings.

Those are the happy endings that matter to me. And those are the ones that should matter to you.

Life is a giant piece of art. And like all great art pieces, it was a work in progress for a great deal of time.

Keep working at your happy ending. You'll reach it before you even know it.

And when you do... Remember to thank me because you Trusted Me and Knew I Couldn't Lie!

Xoxo Mandizzy
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