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"Meet me Halfway?" - Long Distance Relationships Pt2

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Finding a balance in any relationship can be challenging. On the day to day we often find ourselves balancing a multitude of responsibilities. 
Long distance relationships require a lot of juggling. And sometimes when one juggles too many balls, one of those balls is likely to drop. 

I want you to be a master juggler.  
I want you to find that balance. 

You wake up every day and do things because its required of you. You shower. You brush your teeth. You eat. You go to work or school. All those activities are required of you. 

Similarly to day to day life, a relationship has its share of things that you should treat as a requirement. These things are important to maintaining trust, staying close and nurturing your love.
 But for me, the three most important requirements are simple.
-Make the time
-Spend the time
-Cherish the time

In stage one of any relationship, you're going to do all three and you're going to do it well. When stage two kicks in and life gives you more balls to juggle, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember to do those three important things. 

But that's only because you're not treating them as if they were a requirement. 
If texting your significant other was a part of your job description every day, I'm almost positive you'd make sure to do it. 

Nothing messes with your money right?!
Exactly... Don't let that new friend you've made, that demanding new class schedule you've got, or tough new position at work, deter you from 
Making the time...
Spending the time...
And Cherishing the time.

You have to meet each other half way, as if it was a requirement of your daily life. Brushing your teeth and talking to your babe should go hand in hand. It's just a necessary activity of your day to day life.

Long distant relationships are tough, but you both can see the distance. Just Make the time, Spend the time, and Cherish the time. And always remember to Trust me... because you knew I couldn't lie!

Xoxo – Mandizzy

As promised please click the link below to enjoy a beautiful poem by Roger Thomas titled... Left Behind. 
Left Behing by Roger Thomas 

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