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Left Behind by Roger Thomas

By 8:49:00 PM

You're there, and I'm here,
The things I would do to have you near,
In the beginning, everything was so clear,
But now, I’m not sure how much you really care.
The distance in which we share... might make our hearts grow founder,
Or make then run away to someone else in fear

But we put it all on the line, our hearts and our trust
When you're so far, communication & commitment is a must
And we're going to be tempted, so hopefully we both choose love over lust
No couple can compare, no one can compare to us
We started as best friends. We took our time to grow, never rushed
I even had butterflies the first time I called you, it’s like I was back in middle school or something
You were my biggest crush
We chose an emotional connection, over any touch
But now you're so withdrawn, I’m thinking maybe I cared a little too much

All we have are phone calls and Skype
We're in two complete different time zones now, so when you're saying "Good Morning", I'm saying "Good night"
Our future together was so bright...
But your Sun is my Moon, so I don't know if I still see the light
And with this social media, it’s so hard not to fight
Seeing pictures of you with new friends that are with guys is something I don't like
And you're thinking the same when it comes with to girls liking pictures on my IG...I guess we're so alike

We both don't want to lose, what we once had
We both don't want to call our relationship quits first, because that person would look bad
But the longer it goes on, the more enjoying my time with other people feels wrong
So now when I call, the phone goes unanswered for an hour or so, and I don't even get a text
You started getting 'busy' with school and work. But where's the time for us. How is this supposed to work?
So I started doing the same, the last time we laughed together is something I can't even name
Our love was so amazingly complex on so many different levels, now every things so plain
But you know how break ups go, one feels shame and the other is stuck with pain
I'm stuck asking where are you now? I’m tired of playing this hide & seek game
I guess we both buried our feelings, for someone else to find
For some reason, I was expecting a happy ending, but as it seems, you’re no longer mine
I take one last look in the mirrors with our first picture together in hand, to see a reflection of our love
so broken... LEFT BEHIND

I would like to thank Mr. Roger Thomas for composing such an awesome piece of work to go with my Long Distance Relationships Blog post!!

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