Chicks over Dicks

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It’s time I sever a few friendships for good!
I’m being a bit dramatic but this topic will definitely rub a few of your friends the wrong way.

It’s time to stop loosing your good girlfriends over dick. Yes. I’ve finally said it. You are literally losing homies because of a body part.

Now I’ve touched on this topic in the past. I’ve made it very clear that to be a good friend you often have to let your adult friends make their own adult mistakes. Because in all seriousness, how else do we learn? Through experiences.

But with that being said I’m allowed to call out these girls who learn the lesson and still hold a grudge against the friend who told them so!

You can’t be mad that they were right and you were made to look the fool. You can’t be in your feelings about a situation that played out exactly how they called it. You have to let that resentment go. You have to swallow your pride and admit you missed the mark on this one. And especially because the mark was a penis you knew was never worthy of you in the first place.

Keep the same energy you had when you thought you made the right choice when you find out the choice wasn’t even on the right or wrong spectrum. (It was just that bad of a situation.)

We are so quick to let pride get in the way of a good thing. We have to be willing to realize how short life is and how rare real friends are. So when the person that knows and loves you says the dude your dating isn’t it... she’s not always a hater. She’s probably just trying to avoid having to nurse you back to life. Although that in it self is selfish, it’s entirely reasonable!

So trust those girl friends but if you truly want to follow your own path, do you booboo!! But if it doesn’t go as planned! Remember to apologize to the homie who thought they knew best. And also remember to Trust Me, because you knew I Couldn’t Lie.

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