Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

When it's not that you deserve better but you deserve more.

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Gosh dating can be exhausting! Right ladies?! But that is life, you either enjoy it or let it consume you. Let it depress you. Or let it change you for the worst. 

You've met this amazing person. He's literally the greatest person you've dated thus far. You have so much in common. You have way too much fun together. He listens, you laugh. He's smart, your witty. You compliment each other so well... But it's just not working out. 

He's just so busy. He's so involved with other facets of his life. He has a hard time committing the time. He hasn't made it official. Or he hasn't asked you to marry him. He's stagnant in the relationship. You want more. You crave more. And he just won't give it to you. 

How do you cope when the guy that seems perfect for you, doesn't treat you like you're the perfect one for him? =\

Well sweety, sometimes it's not that you deserve better but that you deserve more than they're willing to give. It is completely possible to meet someone who fulfills all you were hoping for in a mate but for that person to not feel the same way about you. 

You can't be mad at them for it. You can't hold it against them. As difficult as it might be, you just have to accept it. 

Try and do the following if you feel like this is your current situation.
1st- Tell them how you feel, ask them how they feel and observe if they understand your concerns. 
2nd- Give them the opportunity to fix the situation. And by fix, I mean to devote their time, and make an effort to give you the "more" you crave. 
3rd- Be prepared to walk away. I hope they're honest and they don't string you along. If they can't give you more, you have to consciously decide if you're willing to settle for what they're currently offering. And if you won't settle? Walking away is an option. No one wants to  waste  time in a relationship that isn't necessarily moving in the direction they want. 

And lastly...
- Forgive them before you're consumed with resentment. They're not bad people.  They just don't match you're current desires. 

It sucks. It'll be hard. You'll be a wreck for months. It's something you wanted so bad to work out but in the long run, you'll have saved yourself from an even bigger heartache. Trust Me... You know I Can't Lie. 

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