Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

A Five Minute Man

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Five minutes of attention. 20 mins of ignoring you.

Sound too familiar. Are you dating a guy that is sweet and charming in one breath. Adores everything about you in the other. And yet, the affection and attention last for only a day or two before he disappears. Drops in a week later with the same gig. And however brief the moments are, they are Everything. Enough to keep you around at least. Enough to keep you from walking away, throwing in the towel and moving on. 

I know that guy. We all have probably dated that guy. He's so off and on with his emotions that you don't know how he feels about you. 

You would like to assume he's busy. Or you accept that's just how he operates. You even hope that those five minutes are an example of how he really feels about you. Those 20 minutes are just him hiding his true feelings.

Maybe. Maybe not. 

Maybe he's just not ready. He's not ready for you. He's probably not ready for any woman. And hunny, if you're giving him a 100%; If you're there the full 20 minutes, you deserve it right back. If he's going through things and these things don't allow him to fully put himself out there and commit to you, you don't need to stick around. Don't wait for him to get his ish together. 

Let's all be honest. What women wants a "five minute man". [insert new black* emoji wink face]. Trust me... Wait for the guy that will adore you all the time. Not just days at a time. You know I'm right and you know I Can't Lie.

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