Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

Why it's Important to Make Her Feel Like a Priority?

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You've done it. You committed to your girlfriend. I'm proud of you. You are growing up right before my eyes... (In my mind we've known each other forever, play along). Now some time has passed, you're both very comfortable within the relationship but things start to change. Not always so sudden, sometimes the change is gradual. And change isn't necessarily bad. Except now she's nagging you and complaining. And you my friend want to know why. What did you do to offend her? Why has the honeymoon period ended?

I can't answer for every situation but the most common reason a women will up and change on you is because she feels you've up and changed on her. 

I mean think about it for a minute. Do you still call her as much? Surprise her with nice gestures? Remind her on occasion how you feel about her?

You probably haven't done any of that in awhile. And its not necessarily your fault. Life has left you with numerous new responsibilities and as a result your priorities have changed. 

But with all the change that life brings, don't forget to make her a priority. She doesn't have to be your whole world but she should be an important part of it. 

Every relationship is work. And I find that guys sometimes forget that. When someone works hard to drop 10 pounds by exercising each day, in order to keep those 10 pounds off they have to continue to work out. If not, they risk gaining those 10 pounds back. That's just how a relationship works; you both have to work everyday at maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Now quick! You've realized the error of your ways. Buy her flowers and work at making her a priority again. Still unsure?... Just Trust Me... You know I Can't Lie.

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