Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

Don't Be That Girl

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This blog is for you boo. For the girl that you've never seen without a man. Who gets her heart broken time and time again but every time you blink she's dating someone else. Who doesn't let her heart heal. The girl who needs to be with someone, anyone or else she's depressed. The girl who sacrifices her pride, her self respect, her happiness just so she can have someone to call her man. Who listens to her friends telling her she can do better only to require less and less. Yes hunny I'm writing this for you. 

Until you love yourself. Until you're happy being alone. Until you're fine with it just being you. Until you figure out what you genuinely want, you're always going to find yourself in the same situation. 

All alone. 

Whether it be physically or emotionally. 

You've got to give that broken heart of yours time to heal. You have to allow yourself to live, love and be happy all alone. 
And you know what? You can't do that jumping from Prince Charming to Prince Charming. The next man can't fix you. 

So many women are the girl I described above. A lot of them don't even realize it. They're just so desperate to be with someone. They're so eager to feel wanted. They confuse how they're feeling in the moment for something that is genuine.  

Learn to be happy by yourself  and give "you" a break. I believe you'll make better decisions about the next guy you date after you've spent the time focusing on you. 

And after you've taken the time you so desperately need, please remember to thank me because you Trusted Me... and knew I Couldn't Lie.

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