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Your Ex's Radar

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A fantabulous reader asked me... 

Why Your Ex Appears Only Immediately After You've Moved On? It's like they have a radar that alerts them to the exact moment you've found happiness. 

Well, remember that person you used to be. You know... the one that always found yourself crying, disappointed, or angry at their insensitive behavior. It may have been awhile ago but do you remember being tired of the lies, the games, the disrespect?

That was an entirely different you. Aren't you glad you've left that you behind? You're more mature now. You've grown wiser. You're much more stronger. And you've moved on to a person who genuinely appreciates who you are and what you have to offer in a relationship. You're happy!

And I am happy for you too! But your Ex however, they're a different story.
They're genuinely bothered by the fact that you've moved on. Some might even behave as if you betrayed them. And you my amazing readers have asked me why. Why did the person who was horrible to you wait until you were  happy in another relationship before getting their ish together and asking for you back? 

It's simple! For some reason we as humans often can't see what's right in front of us. My mom always tells me "You're looking with your eyes closed".  And that really means I'm not paying attention or looking carefully enough. The same sentiment goes for your Ex. 

While you were dating and you were being this amazing person, they may not have noticed just how much you cared, the length you would go for them or how unhappy they made you. It isn't until they see you being this amazing person to your new significant other that they realize just how good they had it with you. 

Something goes off in their head! And they want that old thing back. And why wouldn't they, happiness looks good on you! Probably all of those selfies and usies shots.  So they flashback to all your complaints and try their best to come off like they've changed, that they're better, that you should give them another chance. 

Don't! Don't fall for the cycle. Don't give up the person you've become. The amazing, strong and HAPPY person you are. They're a little too late. You've met someone that appreciates all the things they couldn't and however unfortunate it is for them, you owe them nothing! You gave it your all while you were together and there is nothing left to give. 

I am just so glad you guys continue to write to me even though you see how bad I am at keeping up with these blogs. Remember to Trust Me... Because You Know I Can't Lie. 

Xoxo Mandizzy

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