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The Case of the Ex

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"No Backsliding!"

We've all been there, and if you haven't as yet, don’t worry, it will soon visit you; I’m talking about the tragic case of the ex-significant other. You know the one that suddenly pops back into your life.

And if this has happened to you, it's probably happened at an in opportune time, like your wedding day or they day after you won the lottery. (I kid)

The bottom line is that it is usually unwanted attention being thrown your way. You've moved on with your life. You're a different person now than when you were with them.
Unfortunately for you, people take the following phrase as the gospel.
"If you love someone, let them go, and if they return to you, they were always yours."
Individuals who believe in “Fate” or the phrase that “Everything happens for a reason” are most likely to live by this idea.  

I call BS!
Of course second chances can be awesome and that quote may ring true some rare amount of the time but don't be fooled. If they return to you it's most likely because they realize too late what they had in you. They’ve realized that not too many people would be willing to put up with their shit. They've had their cake and ate it too, and now want to get seconds from you.

In certain situations, you need not waste your time. If you didn't remain friends, it was for a reason. Maybe they weren't relationship or friendship material and for me that rings volumes. You obviously made a conscious decision to delete them from your life. There's no need to "backslide" or find yourself back in the same cycle. Often in relationships we break up to make up but it's also important to hold fast to that reason for that breakup. And if for you, that reason was significant, you don’t need to deal with your ex. Let them knock on your door, it's a free country, but you do not have to answer it.

To be brutally honest, I can't stand the majority of my ex's and that's on me! I choose them. But you won't catch me crying a river over letting them back in and them disappointing me once again. I own my choices. I own my behavior.

Avoid the disappoint, avoid the drama, avoid the pain. If you've found peace in your life, let it remain that way.

I've professed in previous blog entries how amazing second chances can be, but I've also stressed not getting caught in emotions. You have to assess for yourself why it ended and determine if it truly is worth your time once again.

If you find that it's not, which it so often is, tell your ex Miss me with that, because I trusted Mandizzy because I Knew She Couldn't Lie.

Xoxo Mandizzy

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