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He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not

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Humans are creatures of habit. That is why in our lifetimes we will have repeated nearly every activity at least twice. There will be at least two days in your life were you will do the exact same thing. And they're will be at minimum a zillion and one times that a woman has taken that no good guy back!

Didn't see that coming huh?

Yes, I'm about to go in on our dirty habit as women.
Taking that no good man back into our lives.

I'm a firm believe that your Ex is your Ex for a reason!
And under little to NO circumstances should you revisit the relationship after it has ended. If you guys really cared about each other, you would have worked it out and made it right the first time.

Oh Mandizzy, things change...people change. What about second chances??
Second Chances are beautiful!
Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to get another chance at every and anything EXCEPT a failed relationship.
Don't misunderstand me. If your relationship ended on uber good terms and the reasoning was based on circumstances that were out of both of your control... Then and only then will I even recommend the possibility of giving the good relationship another try.
But here's the reality...
Most relationships don't end on good terms.
Hence why I did plan to make tons of money as a Divorce Attorney.
Relationships usually end nasty.
Someone or both individuals end up getting hurt.
So why go back?
Why not move on!

My gorgeous reader provoked some thought into this topic when she asked me the following:
"Why do we always go back to that guy we know is no good? The crazy ass roller coaster you go through and our gut is telling us NOOO, u had enough, but he just manages to REEL u in AGAIN."

Well my fantabulous reader, we as woman go back to that guy because we are severely blinded by this man’s promise.
But he doesn't have to necessarily promise you anything verbally. You see, in our minds, we convince ourselves that this time around, it’s going to be better, we're going to seriously address the issues within this relationship, we're going to give ultimatums, request that we each do better. Right?
I call these our silent promises as women.
We make them without even having him agree to them because we always feel like we can fix a situation. We always believe we can fix that man.

I mean think about it, you've probably invested a lot of yourself into him.
To really give it all up for good and start from scratch sounds extremely difficult.
Hence, why women take the easy way out and just let that no good guy back into their life.
And in the process, they get disappointed or hurt again.

It’s not fair to you to go through such an emotional roller coaster.
You've got to realize that the cycle rarely ends well. And it will end.
Eventually you'll get fed up, eventually you'll realize the obvious. …
Which is that you can't fix him.
You cannot play nurse and make all the booboos within the relationship better.
I admire the effort but there has to be a point where you just let go and let God.

Remember that less than perfect person but perfect for you guy I'm always talking about?
I haven't been lying when I say he's out there.

You've been wasting so much time in this cycle that you haven't been able to put yourself out there for that perfect person for you to find you!

Sometimes he loves you.. Sometimes he loves you not.
Sweety Trust Me.. He doesn't love you enough! So remember I can't lie!
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  1. Damn right...exes are that for a reason... no backsies...I had to learn the hard way ... u just set ur self up to get hurt worst than u had been initially or you did something horrible to him this time so u can be left with the guilt of being the bad guy... im over it.. on on to the next one!