Trust Me... I Can't Lie

Believe me, I've tried, but I cannot tell a lie.

Why Woman Lie?

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So my guy friend casually asked me the other day...
Why do women lie?

And I responded with why does anyone lie?
Because they don't want to share the truth! Duhh!!

But then he got me thinking, and so I've composed the TOP Three Reasons a Woman Lies to a Man!

Yes ladies I'm airing out some of our dirty laundry, but I promise it’s for educational purposes only.

1. Men are Judgmental.
The moment you open up and are honest with them like the way they claim they want you to be…let’s just say they don't hide their reaction and are often quick to judge you based on that trusted information.

Case and point
"How many men have you been with?"
"13 and a half, I dated a little person."
"What?! You nasty ass Bitch!"

See my point...
Well here's another case and point.

"Where'd you go last night?"
"To the movies with my ex bf"
"Your fucking him aren't you?! You've been cheating on me with his punk ass!!"

Now you see my point....
They are quick to turn your being honest against you, so to avoid that this is what some women do.

"How many men have you been with?"
"Aww baby, beside my first time, you've been the only one"
"That's how it should always be baby, I'm gon marry you girl"

"Where'd you go last night?"
"Remember babe, my soror sister came into town; we went to catch a movie "
"Aww okay, why didn't you want to double with me and Peanut?"
"Babe, she's a lesbian"
"Oh okay, she better not be pushing up on you"
"Never babe, you're the one for me"
“Aww girl, I love you”

See how much more smoothly that went...

Judge and assume less, and maybe she will be honest with you.
Just because she was a minor freak before you doesn't make her nasty, it just makes her really into sex lol.
Just because she hangs out with her Ex-BF’s doesn't mean she's having relations with them, it just means that she enjoys their company.

We as women for some strange women care about what a man thinks about them way too much. And unfortunately that's one of the main reasons we lie, because we know you men are quick to judge and try to make us feel horrible about being your opposite. (haha)

2. She wants to control you.
Control me?
Yes! Control you.
Sometimes you may feel like your lady friend is dramatic.
She throws the waterworks, tells you she needs you, don't leave her blah blah blah blah!
The truth is, a lot of women don't feel they need "that" man, they feel they need "a" man,'re replaceable homey.
I know that's hard to swallow but just like she may be replaceable to you, you are most definitely replaceable to her.
So why does she lie to control you....because she likes the power.

Case and point
You take her out to dinner, a movie and to Coldstone for a late night dessert. You have class in the AM and yet she still wants you take her to a bar for some drinks.
You decline explaining your great reason and she starts to cry and profess how you are ashamed of being with her in public.
And you believe she actually feels this way, so you take her the bar for some drinks. She gets drunk and being the good boyfriend you are, you drive her all the way home on the other side of town and get her home safely.
And guess what...if you were actually ashamed of her, why would you have taken her to dinner, to the movies and to get some ice cream where there are lots of people?
She lied…
She lied because she knew she would get what she wanted my behaving like that.
That's control!
Is it always that obvious…nope. In fact, they’re often not that dramatic. But the next time you find yourself going out of your way to do something nice for her and she you were well within reason to decline her request, think about this blog post.

3. Two Can Play That Game
She lies to you because you lie to her. There are some women, that find out their man has been lying to them and instead of confronting that man or leaving that man, they decide to play his game and they begin to lie to.

Case and point
You went out to a party and ended up taking another woman home. That other woman is her friend (I know…Your Luck!).
So she already knows the answer when she asks…
“Did you take another women home with you the other night”
“Not at all baby, whoever told you that is a hater”
She’s not going to call you a liar…oh no, she will do something much more satisfying.
A week later your mans at the club tells you that they saw someone that looked like her kissing the DJ in front of everybody, you confirm this with several other friends and then you confront her, because you’re a man and you never let that ish slide.
“Were you kissing the DJ at Tristans party last night?”
“Babe, me and this other girl had the same dress on, people were confusing us all night. I heard that mess to, but it was not me, it was her up there kissing on the DJ, I had actually left the party by then”
You know deep down that she’s probably not telling the truth, but no one said they actually saw her face, so you let it slide that one time.

You lie to her…she lies to you. She figures if you’re going to lie and cheat, she can play that game. And she’s going to play it much better my brother.

In closing…
A woman that lies is not the most horrible thing in the world. You should actually be flattered that someone so brilliant wants to be your slow butt! If you choose to be offended by a woman that lies…I guess you may possible in some sort of way be merely obliged to feel that way. But! In our defense… you play the same games and we learn from the best!

Trust ME… I Can’t Lie

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on point!Trust me, I CAN tell a lie, and each time i have done so... it was for at least one of those reasons. I had a man tell me "if a dude cant except you as you are then, F%#k Him!" then in the next breath he says "my girl is only my girl because I KNOOOOOWWWW that i was her first and her only, she would be damaged goods otherwise" im staring at him shaking my head like, i kno about ur girl man, a lil more than you and you only know what she ALLOWS you to know. I really don't think many men can handle the truth and the point keeps being proven to me over and over again. Great piece Mandizzy!

  2. LMAO....that was so clever haha. "Trust me, I CAN tell a lie" =)