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Oh You Salty Huh?

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"A yo ma in the red shirt?"
"Ma you sexy, let me talk to you"
"....Me? Oh No thanks"
"Whatever B*tch, you wasn't all that anyway"

Ladies does this scenario sound too familiar?
And I bet often you want to reply or have replied and said...
"If you felt that way, than why even say anything at all??"

I mean why waste your breath trying talk to someone that wasn't all that
Anything for her goodies I suppose huh?

A man’s ego is one of the most delicate emotions on the planet. I've seen the kindest men turn bitter and mean after having their beloved ego bruised.
I can respect that, I have feelings too, in fact I also have an ego that I wouldn't want bruised but I find an issue when a man’s ego forms dialogue like the one I expressed above.

So she thought looked you bummy and didn't like your face or your lack of swag! So what! She's just one shorty, there's probably going to be a bummy chick that's going to love you for all of the above and more.

So she told you that you weren't her type and she only dates successful guys, who have real jobs and some sort of Diploma! So what! There's a Walmart cashier with a Junior High Diploma waiting to meet your type.

So she asked you not to act like you know her in public because she's ashamed of how unattractive you are! So what! There are plenty of ladies that are going to find you gorgeous or at least decent looking.

My point is that for every girl that's not feeling you for whatever reason, there will be several other women who are charmed by what you've got going on.

The reason why men continuously try to "holla" at women despite having been rejected or ignored several times is because at least one of the woman they've tried to talk to responded to their banter and entertained their "Hey Ma, you sexy" routine.

I can only assume that men have calculated that for every 10 no's they get, they get 20 women that ignore them and 1 women that gives them her number. Maybe that one number is worth the rejections.
Maybe these rejections cause built up anger and hence why you feel the need sometimes to say obscene and unnecessary things to a woman that's not interested in your advances.

Realize how unnecessary the rude comments are. It definitely doesn't faze us one way or another. I doubt a woman would feel they're ugly because a man that was clearly nowhere near her level told her she was. In fact, all you appear to us is "Salty"!
Yeah I said it!
Bitter, immature and salty!

How about you practice hitting on women who are around your level....
You have three kids by three different baby mamas?
Dude I know a shorty that had five kids by five different baby fathers!
Yawl can be the next Jon and Kate plus eight or better yet, start your reality version of the Brady Bunch!

I'm not trying to be funny, I am merely saying that it’d be much more logical to try and talk to a woman who has more in common with you.

Rejection is not always a reflection of what’s wrong with you but what’s wrong with your approach. There are some women who just want to be spoken to like she’s not a piece of meat! She knows she's sexy…that’s why she wore that outfit. She knows she’s beautiful…she owns a mirror! She knows that those heels and that dress made you almost break your neck…. You don’t have to be cheesy or obnoxious when telling her you noticed. Just be original and yourself. And if yourself is cheesy and or obnoxious don’t be so surprised if she’s not feeling you.

Trust Me....I've tried to figure this out and I can't find a better answer, and you already know that I Can't Lie!

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