Why Lie?!

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Fellas, I'm sure a good plenty of you have dated a girl where she was madly in love with you. You got her to do things you know she would never do for another human being! Am I bringing memories back? Or maybe you’re currently in that situation.

NOW...She just cheated you on you with ya cousins baby momma's little brother's best friend!

Your crushed right, you thought you had her right where you wanted her. Stupid in love! Thought you had all the power huh?!

And now you will never trust another woman again! She ruined it for the rest of us….  

I commend males for not trusting anyone. You literally have to earn their trust like you would try and earn a raise on your job. Women however, are the most trusting creatures ever. Take the best example in the world.


Now, everybody in the world wants to blame Eve for all the sin in the world.

"Oh, she’s the reason I get cramps"
"Oh, she’s the reason I went through so much pain during child labor"
"She's the reason why I became pimp, murder and a thief"

Come on Son!

This is what really happened....

A MAN named Lucifer was in heaven right…
And he totally was not with Jesus getting all God's attention.
I mean even with Lucifer being the highest angel and having like the best title in heaven, as a MAN he still was not satisfied with that he had…Because men never are
…So he started some mischief with the other angels and God who knows everything, had enough of his ungratefulness and cast him out of heaven.
(Something most of you WOMEN need to do with yawl mens!)

So the story goes that God created this amazing place called earth and it's perfect and amazing and he makes man who's perfect and amazing and hung ;-) (Hey, there are folks that say he was like over 16 feet tall...of course it's not in the bible but scholars assume this stuff) I am so going to hell for that!

And then God being as awesome as he is, said you know what, your nothing without someone to share this great world with. I'm going to make you a companion. And so Eve was made out of Adam's Rib..(Making God the first surgeon ever and Adam the first person to ever have surgery...how cool is that!)

And so Eve's created and she and Adam waste no time bonding and falling in love and stuff because when you’re spending that much time with someone can you really hate them?
And then came that fateful day…..

A MAN named Lucifer who thought he was gangster and told everyone to call him Satan from now on, was still pissed off with God for kicking him out and stuff...so he decided he was going to mess with God's greatest creations. He realized that Adam although a very nice target, lacked the backbone to go through with what he needed him to do. So like a MAN, he went to Eve in the form of a serpent, like the bible says, and MANIPULATED her into eating that damn fruit! Do you see the word man in MANIPULATE. Because that's what MEN love to do.

Yall know the rest, she goes wild and gets Adam to eat the fruit as well. Huge Mistake! God don't play that and he kicked them out the Garden of Eden. And hence...Sin was born into the world.

And everybody and there grandmamma, wanted to blame Eve, when really…A MAN MANIPULATED her into eating the fruit. Therefore, men are the real reason sin entered the world, and you women can start blaming them for cramps, pain during child birth, world hunger and all the corruption in government. =)

Now why did I tell you all of that...?

…Because my home girl wanted to know why her man feels the need to lie to her. She says that she's honest with him, and they've been together to long for him to still lie to her. So me being a complete comedian, I suggest that maybe he is a pathological liar, you know like dude can't help it. But she says that he lies about things he knows she would never really get mad over, like who he hangs out with, who called him on the phone and where he was the other night.

And then it hit me...that’s why they lie!

You’re asking him all these questions as if you were married or his momma. And I'm sure his mama doesn't even care that much.
Those kinds of questions are unnecessary, if you've been together for as long as you say and you still feel the need to question him like that, I am finding a huge problem that you’re not willing to face. He's cheated...and most likely MAN-IPULATED his way out of it. And because the trust is no longer there, you feel the need to ask all the questions that in a healthy relationship, he would share with you voluntarily because he has nothing to hide.

He's lying because he feels he has to!
...because maybe if he tells you the truth, he thinks you may accuse him of something. Or maybe you have in the past.

I think it is time for you to cool it just a little bit. Stop questioning him and maybe he might want to start sharing more with you. If you don’t trust him, why are you with him…but since you have to Trust Me…
Just know that I can’t Lie!

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  1. Too freaking funny! Yet so true. I swear I freaking love this girl named Amanda T. Can't wait to see what you post next week :)

  2. How Kan you give an Angel a gender.. N Y didn't you Say Eve MANipulated too.. Guess u n Eve have something in Kommon;-) lol... Dizzy I'm gonna write a note on facebooK about relationships you might wanna checK out.. Men & WoMen Play The Same Games so stop Manipulateing ppl on ya blog lol Holla Am

  3. Once satan was cast out of heaven, he was no longer an angel and the bible refers to Lucifer as a man. Thank you and Goodnight.