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Wanting What You Can't Have

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Here is my problem. I pursued my ex female friend for a few months and she refused to give me a chance. She kept saying I was like a brother to her and she didn't want to ruin the friendship. She even went as far as to threaten me by saying if I didn't get over my crush, we couldn't be friends. Long story short, last month I made a six months with my current girlfriend. She's nothing like the girl I pursued and I realize just how much a girl like her compliments me. For a few weeks now, my ex female friend has been trying to see me and hang out again. Honestly after she threatened me, I forgot about her and moved on. The fact that she's around now, actually annoys the hell out of me. Yesterday I got a long text message confessing how much she had liked me and didn't know how to tell me when we were friends. I told my girl about it and she said "women always want what they can't have". So my question to you is, why do woman only want a guy after he's entered into a committed relationship with someone else? I know that you've already done a blog on unavailable men, but please explain what about me is more approachable to this broad now that I'm in a good relationship.

Loveeeed this question. First one written in by a guy!!

Women are complex creatures. Can I get an Amen?!
But they are no more complicated than the average man.

A woman that wants a man only after she finds out that he found himself a girlfriend is no different than that guy that tells a woman he doesn't care that she has a boyfriend.
So before you think there's something anatomically wrong with us as women.... this girl’s behavior is just human nature.

Your girlfriends completely right, we want what we can't have.
You know that and I'm sure most people are aware as well.
But your question is why do we want what we can't have.
Why would she want you when you were with someone and not when you were single?
Well there are a few reasons why, besides the obvious human dysfunction to want we can't have. And for the record, this girl is definitely not thinking she can't have you right now. She wouldn't be as bold as she's being if she didn't genuinely believe she had a chance with you.

For one...
As a friend, you are only exposed to one side of person.
She's noticed how you treated your girl. She's paid attention to the difference between you as the friend and you as the boyfriend. Guess what? She likes what she sees.
I suppose that's a compliment to you.
I'm sure you treat your girl really well.  And you've probably distanced yourself from your friend more and more as your relationship with your girl progressed.  Most likely, not even on purpose, but as you became less and less interested in her and more interested in your current girl, you left. That is the reason why you now refer to her as your ex friend. Again, she's paid close attention to how you've put your friendship with her in the back of your mind. No more hanging out and paying for her movie, no more getting her that pair of earrings she wanted for her birthday and no more buying her a drink at the club.

You want to know what's really going down son...
She's honestly just missing you something crazy. And yes, as her friend, she didn't appreciate or realize how much she had in you and now that your girl gets all the love and attention she use to get, she thinks the only way to get that good friend back is to give him what he wanted before he slowly left... to date him. And since you probably went hard in the paint for her as friends, this girl genuinely believes that you will choose her after a little bit of nudging.

And maybe you will. Or maybe you are just that secure and happy in your current relationship that you won't.

But the most obvious reason to me why she suddenly likes you when you’re in a committed relationship is because she misses you.

And as sweet and sentimental as that may sound...
She had her chance. She didn't take it. And you need to let her know up front, you're more than flattered at her confession but you are just way to happy with a girl that compliments you.

Hope that helped, and remember to Trust Me...Because I Can't Lie.
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