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How Do You Know When You're In Love?

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I know. I know. I know.
Apologies are due. Here it goes...
I am sorry for delaying my post and know that I sincerely appreciate all of your support.

Last month, an old friend of mine sent me a quick email about a topic they wanted me to discuss. And although I knew that I had about three other topics and questions ahead of them. I assured them that I'd answer this intriguingly provocative question first.

How do you know when you're in love?

I have single handedly made sure that the Guinness book of world records holds this question as the second most hardest question to answer, right after "How do we know God is real?" and right before "Mommy, where do babies come from?"

So as I began writing my answer, I scrapped the entire blog. And then I researched it and decided the answers I got were to vast and often just down right ridiculous. And it was after that realization did I find my lovely readers answer.
There are many ways of knowing you are in love and these reasons or ways of knowing, differ from person to person, mind to mind, and heart to heart.
Sometimes, you realize that you’re in love from the simplest or silliest things.

Take my favorite example of all time...
Adam and Eve

Now, Adam loved everything in the Garden of Eden, all the animals …. All the different plants. After all, he got to name them and be around them all day. So it is no surprise that he loved Eve as well. But I'm going to tell you how he knew he was in love with her. When you love someone like your mother or father or friend, you care about their wellbeing and you want to protect them. When you are IN love with someone you care about all those things and want to do things like that for them as well but you often behave differently when you are in love with someone. Let's be honest. Most people that are in love are fools. It’s a shame. But love makes you crazy. I mean it’s not necessarily the bad kind of crazy but hell, it’s some kind of crazy.

Now this is how I know Adam was in love with Eve, because his crazy behind, ate the fruit that he knew God told them not to partake of. After Eve expressed  to him how that man Satan deceived her, he could of saved himself and reported her butt to God. (If you didn't know, Adam was the first police officer, he immediately was fired of course #crooked cops) Instead he ate the fruit after she did and you know how the story goes. Sin enters the world and we are all now screwed. And you know why Adam did what he did, not just because he felt sorry for her gullible behind but because he was in love with her so much and wanted to face the wrath of God together. If that's not love, then I don't know who Michael Jackson is!

Obviously this heartbreaking true story is an exaggerated version of events but the essence behind it is clear. We as human beings do crazy things in the name of love.

So if you haven't done anything crazy, you are probably thinking, do I have to wait till I do something crazy to know I'm in love?! Of course not. Were you not reading carefully, I said that there are a vast number of ways to know when you’re in love.

Take me for example.
I've dated my share of guys and had serious feelings for a few but I never fell in love. Just been that lucky…until recently. But….I cared deeply about them and I may have gassed them into thinking I loved them but I didn't love them. At times, I too wondered when I would be in love and how would I know. Well, unfortunately the love bug bit me. #boohoo. And let me tell you my simple and ridiculous way of knowing I was in love.

He came over one night, he was helping me clean my bedroom and put my laundry clothes away (Cause he’s just that uber awesome…be jealous), and all of a sudden, as if it was the appropriate or sane thing to do at the time, I started showing him where my toiletries were, like my sanitary napkins and things of that nature. And after he totally acted normal as if that's what couples do. I knew I was in love. Just like that. As I reflect on that moment, I accepted that I was in love and it was because I was that comfortable with him that I showed him what most woman hide until after three or four kids.

And as the relationship progresses, there blossomed many more reasons why I knew I was in love.
And I promise when you realize you're in love, it'll be your moment and you will have found your own little way of knowing.

And you might hit me up and say, Mandizzy I realized I was in love after I died my hear green because he was 1/8 Irish and I wanted him to know I respected his culture.

Not when you're in love.

Trust Me… I Cannot Lie =)
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