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Long Distance Relations: A piece of cake!

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Time! The biggest and most frustrating aspect of human existence. Especially because it can be your best friend and your worst enemy but when it comes to relationships it usually can become even more tricky. Distance from your significant other usually means times a part. A big chunk of what makes a relationship thrive is the physical time together (and I'm not just referring to sex you pervs). Time together is extremely important so how should one deal with the time a part if their significant other is away for school or work.

The reality is that so many people deal with distance from their significant others all the time, don't feel like your the only person dealing with the burdens distance can bring. Think of all the soldiers whose wives, husbands and other significant others have to deal with the absence for sometimes years at a time. Some may argue that long distance relationships don't last, or they don't end up working out and that is partly true. But that reflects only a fraction of couples. I feel that these types of relationships test the strongest people. And they are no indication of how someone feels about their partner. Just because your relationship doesn''t work out with your babe doesn't infer that you didn't love them. Case and point. Just because you love someone doesn't mean that its okay to stay with them while he cheats with other women on his business trips. There will always be a reason for a break up but distance does not have to be one of them.

So here are some helpful tips you can use to ensure that distance does not cause the demise to your relationship.

1- Talk About IT.
Never keep your emotions bottled up inside about any issue that is bothering you. You know that good ole saying that communication is key, they ain't neva lied. But this topic will be saved for another blog entry....It's just that important to address. Often partners are caught off guard with how their significant other is feeling. One day they're good...the next day it is over. This can be avoided if a clear line of communication is always open.
2-Keep It Fresh!
With all this new technology and growing ways to keep in contact, there is no reason why you cannot find new ways to keep the "fire/passion" alive. I'm not saying get out of your character and send naked strip teases through the mail, but a little dirty talk on the phone or via oovoo or skype...wouldn't hurt! If your an intimate couple, this can make all the difference during those long dry spells. Don't be shy, have fun with it, and make the effort for the relationship.
3-Keep Busy!
It's easy to miss someone when your doing absolutely nothing, so keep your time occupied. Whether it is hanging out with your friends, focusing more on your work or giving more of your attention to school, make sure that you have your time fully occupied leaving little time to sit and miss your significant other. Take up a new hobby, fly kites, volunteer to save Dolphins. Do whatever you need to.
4-Avoid the obvious!
Avoid places that remind you of your significant other. How dare you go to Applebees if you know that yall spot. And then you have the nerve to call them all emotional like you miss them?
Stop It! How about you save Applebees for when you guys reunite!
Avoid temptation, being faithful is the biggest mission to accomplish while separated. So why set yourself up for failure. If you know your attracted to her, why invite her back to the crib with ya boys. If you know you're feeling his swag, why ask him to drive you home?!
Leave her butt at the bar dude and call a cab missy!
5- And Lastly
...Saying "I care about you" or "I love you"... can only help the relationship if you genuinely feel that way. So let em know how you feel and be happy knowing that you do feel that way. (Just don't say it like a dozen times within the same sentence, that can be annoying)

Hope this helps and if it doesn't, maybe yall just were not meant to be....and Dr. Phil does do house calls!

Until next time.. believe what I've said because hunny..
Trust Me...I can't Lie.

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  1. long distance relationships, but u didnt hit all of it. How abt bein in a long distance relationship/being single? does dat make sense? I mean like das ur boo, he flys u out, ya talk everyday/skype, but wen ur in ur own state u cud "do u"...just dont mention it to each otha... wat u think abt that : )