Do Women Really Dress for Men Anymore?

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I remember an anthropology class I took in my undergrad years where my professor told us that women actually do not dress to attract men but to please and be accepted by other women.

Well it broke out controversy for weeks from women who claimed to dress for neither men or woman but for themselves.

So after this thought provoking question, I had to delve into this interesting topic.

"Hey girl, glad to see you putting your good advice to some positive use. My question is why woman feel the need to come to the club half naked?! I mean I thought we wanted men who were into us for more than our bodies? Or has this become whats expected of young women in the club."

Never was a club girl..but for some strange reason I feel like that's just club attire. You know how you wear bathing suits to the beach or business clothes on an were skimpy clothes to the club!

Now your question is why is it this way...when did we as women feel it was appropriate to dress so provocative at the club. Which then brought me back to that class in college. A lot of women argued that, the way they dress often reflects them as a person and has little to with how everyone else feels about how they look. The professor than asked what about their clothes spoke about them as a person, the class was silent before a guy spoke up and said "so all you ladies are saying that the skimpy dresses I see yall wear in the club is a reflection of who you are? Thanks for the heads up, I'll remember not to wife yall when I'm in the clubs"
Of course the class laughed at him and the women then spoke up to defend themselves but the damage was done.

The sad truth is that men want a woman first for her face, then for her body and somewhere dead last for her mind. The other truth is that often if the mind doesn't match up with the body and the face, the female still has a lasting chance. Most woman have learned this. Hence why people pay thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, why they get sprayed on tans and why they wear provocative attire in the club. They've realized that it starts with the face, then the body and somewhere in last place, the mind comes into play.

At a club, are we really looking for deep conversation? Are we trying to get to know each other under the loud music?
Or are we dancing, chatting to the minimum and exchanging numbers based on how that person looked?
You see there is a type of attire for certain situations and places, and in a club your not trying to find someone based on if they're into comedy movies like you but rather because you liked how him or her carried herself and they had the appearance to match. A club is to dark for men to trust how a women looks in the face but most of the time, the body doesn't lie. Again...we as women are not as dumb as men believe, so we "dress the part" and allow our bodies to tell them the truth.

So when did it become okay, sweetie its always been okay. If you look at old movies from the 70's when modern day clubs came about, women had on the tightest skinniest dresses and face caked with makeup. If you were actually looking for a man in a club....than I've got two words for you.
Get Real!
The club is just not the venue to be looking for anyone. Let it be clear that if you've met your significant other in the club, its by pure chance that they turned out to be someone you match with.

Now if ole girl dresses like she's in a club out in the streets on the day to day, than I might have something different to say but until then Trust Me...because I can't lie!

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  1. I agree..because we all know a friend who met a girl in the club and things never turned out well. And or vision is not that bad in the we can see if a girl is ugly or not...but if the body says one the thing and the face tells another...well its a matter of personal taste..or how much alcohol was consumed.